It’s a cool night with a light breeze blowing. Just enough to stay comfortable and keep the mosquito’s away. As I sit in my big folding chair watching the baseball game, I can’t help but to be nostalgic about the numerous people who have come before me and those who will surely come after me to cheer on their sons’ and daughters’ at Little League.

What a tradition! The bleachers are crowded with eager-eyed parents watching these young, inexperienced athletes play as if it were the last inning of the World Series with 2 outs, all runners on base and a 2-3 count.

The players are dressed head to toe in perfect uniform. Cleats on, caps pulled down, gloves pulled tight with fists pounding away as they take to the field to play.

“Batter up!”,calls the coach. Striding forth comes the 1st hitter. As he steps up to the batter’s box, he takes his bat and draws a line in the sand to make sure he positions his feet in the right place. Looking in the direction of the pitcher, he takes a practice swing to get comfortable.

Bat back,elbow up he takes his stance. He shifts his weight from one leg to the other to steady himself. Eyes focused,mind clear,he waits for the 1st pitch. Clearly he’s in the “ZONE.”

The next few moments are a blur. It seems as if time had leaped forward exponentially. When he regains his hearing, he realizes he’s hit a line drive down third base to left field and the coach is motioning and yelling at him to round second. His heart is racing and his feet are moving furiously. He makes it to third base. It’s a triple!

Everyone is cheering and clapping, but the only voice he hears clearly is that of his mother. “Way to go Josh!” he hears her exclaim.“I knew you could do it. That’s my boy!”

He gives a nod in her direction and smiles. And so it officially begins the induction into being a Little League Mom!